WoW! Spectranet To Offer Truly Unlimited 100Mbps Broadband @ Rs. 1,200 pm

Spectranet 100mbps Internet

Gone would be the days of these crawlingly slow internet plans that throttle your connection speed to a fantabulous 512 Kbps after you exhaust your high-speed data. We all know how these draconian FUP (Fair Usage Policy) plans work. You get a couple of GBs @ multiple megabytes/sec and after you exhaust that, bam! You wouldn’t even want to use your internet connection.

It is not that we don’t have high-speed unlimited broadband plans. The problem is that most of these plans come with a FUP policy putting a limit to your high-speed internet access. I have never seen a subscriber to an FUP plan, using his internet freely.

Anyway, we have good news.

Spectranet is planning to launch a truly unlimited 100 Mbps broadband plan at just Rs. 1,200/month.

Spectranet wants to improve the quality and the speed of the broadband internet available to the Indians and bring it at par with what is being offered in the United States. The company mentioned that even though it is a for-profit organisation, it wants to touch the lives of the people by providing 100 Mbps broadband internet having no data cap of any sort.

“Our goal is to provide world class broadband service to urban centres in India. Though we are for profit organisation, we want to focus on making impact in life of people. As part of our strategy, we will provide 100 mbps broadband speed with no data download cap to all our customers within a year,” said Udit Mehrotra, CEO Spectranet.

How Spectranet Will Disrupt The Market?

Currently, major ISPs offer high-speed broadband plans providing 40-50 Mbps speed starting from Rs. 3,000 per month. And as you might know, these plans come with a FUP which would throttle your speed after you exhaust your high-speed data ranging from 50 to 100 GBs in most of the cases.

Spectranet wants to change this. It has already launched its Rs. 1,199 truly unlimited 100 Mbps plan in Gurgaon under a 3-month trial period. The company will also offer similar plans in other places where it is currently present.

“It will be launched in phases at all places in about a year,” Mehrotra added.

Spectranet, which previously used to focus only on B2B customers is also targeting home users for the last 3 years. As of now, it currently provides its services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Pune.

With the launch of such high-speed internet plans Spectranet wants its subscribers to be able to enjoy Netflix (which was recently launched) and browse YouTube on their smart TVs.

“We want people to enjoy services like Netflix, use smart TV features which has in built YouTube. Products are available but people are unable to use it because of non-availability of good quality broadband. In U.S., minimum broadband speed is 25 Mbps. We want to bring our customers at par with the global broadband users,” said Spectranet CEO.

Currently, Spectranet provides its services to just 50,000 home connections and about 4,000 corporate clients. In the next 4-5 years the company is planning to expand its presence in current cities of its operations and increase its market share to 25-30% home connections.

High-speed internet battle has just started in India, and will intensify with the launch of Reliance Jio’s 4G and broadband services in future.

Things won’t be easy for small internet providers, but who knows what they could achieve by offering value-for-money high-speed broadband plans. I would certainly like to see them offer such affordable 100 Mbps internet plans. Who doesn’t?

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