What Designers Really Hate?

What Designers Really Hate

Co-produced by: Coupon Goo & Toggle Time

The infographic explains ten different ways that annoy graphic designers. The first among them is that graphic designers are most of the times asked to work for free, and people keep on saying them that this will be good for their portfolio. People have this humane consideration of the portfolio of graphic designers, but they don’t care about how they will love without any money. The cost of living is a thing that everybody needs to consider. The other annoying thing for graphic designers is that most of the times they are compared to other designers, who doesn’t even have an equivalent formal education. Graphic designers who have many years of formal education in the field cannot be compared to the designers who don’t even have the formal education.

Many people also haggle endlessly with the graphic designers about the payment they are supposed to pay. Hirers should keep in mind that graphic designing is a highly creative task, and if they won’t pay good wages, they shouldn’t expect any good work. There is always a limit to how much-flattened files graphic designers can edit because it is highly frustrating and time-consuming task. It would be much better if you provide original files or those files that can be edited to the graphic designers, and it will be very easy for them to work with these editable files. Stop sending JPG or PDF files to graphic designers.

Sending too many photos in Microsoft MS word is also really frustrating for graphic designers especially when you ask them to rescale all these files. It’s even alright to rescale images but the problem is when people keep on asking graphic designers to rescale low-resolution images and the images shouldn’t lose sharpness either. This is impossible to do; even then graphic designers are burdened with such tasks all the time. Also, stop asking them to make the logo of your website bigger and bigger: there is always limit to it. There are different ways which graphic designers can use to earn money; for instance, they can design T-shirts and sell them at SunFrog.

We should always get some feedback from expert people, but what hirers do when graphic designers are finished with their task they get feedback from their relatives which are rather emotional complaints instead of practical suggestions. This is really frustrating too. You should ask for an opinion from someone that knows the field of graphic designing, otherwise, there is no need to get any opinion. If you will give graphic designers positive feedback, it will encourage them.