How to unlock your iPhone when you forgot the passcode

unlock your iphoneLots of us own iPhones. The device itself is really great because it combines security and great performance. However, often people want to browse through the private information of our phones and this is one of the last things you would want. In such case the iOS developers have thought of one really great decision – passcode.

Every user can assign passcode of 4 digits, that has to be entered every time you are about to unlock your phone. This is one really convenient way that will protect your device, but what will happen if you forget your passcode? Is there a way to unlock the device without losing all the information stored in it? If you want to find the answer just keep reading.

If you have tried to unlock your device a couple of times but you didn’t enter the correct passcode, then the device will get disabled for a minute. If you repeat this operation few more times then you will disable the phone not for a minute but until you connect it to iTunes. However, the good news is there is a way to unlock your iPhone even if you have forgotten your passcode but you have to have a previous backup – if you do have – then restoring will remove the passcode from your phone and retain your data at the same time.

The first step is to connect your device to your iTunes. Don’t worry – it doesn’t matter whether or not the device is locked – synching is still possible, so you will not have any problems with this. Once you do so, it will create a backup of everything on your phone. Obviously this will work in the best way possible if you make regular backups, because you will not lose any information.

Step two is to reboot the device while being connected to iTunes. This can happen by pressing down the power and home buttons. Hold them for a couple of seconds and as soon as the Apple logo appears let go of the power button but yet, keep pushing the home button until “Connect to iTunes” sign appears. This is also known as DFU mode.

As soon as you complete those steps, there will be a message on your computer stating a phone in recovery mode has been detected’’. When you see this you will have the chance to restore your phone to factory settings or use backup. Of course, you will have to take the backup option in case you don’t want to have everything on your computer deleted.

Once you choose the backup option your passcode will be erased while all of your data will be restored from the backup. Wait for the process to complete. When it is done you will be able to access your phone instantly and see that all information is there.
For future references make sure to set passcodes that you remember and that you will not forget that easily. Plus make sure to perform regular backups via iTunes because this process might be a life-saver in situations like the above described. Of course, if you don’t have backups you can always go for factory reset, but it will remove all of your data. Before starting with these procedures, make sure to try remembering your password because it will save you lots of trouble.

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