12 Top Augmented Reality Apps in 2017

Today I will be sharing my 12 top augmented reality apps in 2017.

In past years, Augmented reality sounded like a wild futuristic concept. It becomes more robust and reliable with each passing decade. It provided an amazing means of superimposing computer-generated images, thus developing a composite view rooted in both real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality apps run the gamut, from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer skirmishes.

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Top 12 Augmented Reality Apps

Let’s have an eye over the top augmented reality apps for iOS and Android apps.

Pokemon Go (Android, iOS) (Free)

Pokemon Go (Android, iOS) has been ruling the game world taken the mobile gaming by combining the addictive collecting and battling-ready gameplay of Nintendo’s Pokemon with Niantic’s augmented reality technology. Pokemon Go enables players to explore their neighborhood on foot to discover, photograph and collect cute Pokemon from Nintendo’s hit franchise. Each gamer’s android phone play the role of a map and viewfinder, which guides you to Poke Stops where you can collect items and helps you to spot Pokemon to capture. Players who reach the 5th level are supposed to join any one of three teams in order to battle each others’ Pokemon for controlling Pokemon Gyms.

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Ingress (Android, iOS) (Free)

Ingress (Android, iOS) is very first company invented its GPS augmented reality gameplay. A multiplayer augmented reality game, Ingress has players joining rival secret societies to fight for control over “Exotic Matter” (XM) leaking into our world around landmarks and famous buildings. It is a multiplayer augmented reality game in which a science fiction thriller story unfolds. Using your smartphone, you travel to real world locations to gather “XM” and achieve control of portals around buildings and landmarks. Fly the flag for enlightened or the resistance in a game that always encourages you to explore the gaming world.

Google Translate (Android, iOS) (Free)

Google Translate (Android, iOS) is one of the best text and audio translation tools, and it has become even better with its augmented reality real-time visual translation features. You just want to hold up your smartphone camera and focus on the text and Google Translate will give you real-time translations of words and phrases in different languages. Users can download language packs, which allows you to select even in offline.

Yelp (Android, iOS) (Free)

Yelp (Android, iOS) is an app with an augmented reality feature called Monocle which helps you to find location and also allows you to figure out establishments and restaurants using your phone’s camera as an Augmented Reality viewfinder. It’s a natural extension of Yelp’s core functions to help you look up local establishments, their contact details, and relevant details, as well as crowdsourced reviews.

Aurasma (Android, iOS) (Free)

Aurasma (Android, iOS) is another augmented reality app for viewing embedded content (or “Auras”) in the variety of print ads, establishments, locations or packages. A neat feature that comes in Aurasma is its ability to create your own Auras using your photos and videos through a library of pre-built Auras which is available online.

Mybrana (Android, iOS) (Free)

Augmented reality is now a trending feature for advertising and promotion, which let users exercise their creative side. Mybrana (Android, iOS) allows users to overlay different images, graphics, stickers, and animations over photos and short videos. There are options to share all these with your friends and family. Editing is a simple task, that users can choose from a variety of free and premium additions to their images and videos.

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Wikitude (Android, iOS) (Free)

Wikitude (Android, iOS) has updated its features and expanded from its location-based browsing to image recognition and augmented reality print features to provide an all in one augmented reality experience. Users can drop a search term, say “Chinese restaurants” and then raise up your smartphone camera to take a look around you, with a digital overlay displaying any nearby matches. You can also select particular categories of your search like restaurants, historic locations, upcoming events and any other information. Wikitude’s Augmented Reality and image recognition tools help you to bring print ads and packaging to life with enhanced digital content such as animations, images, videos and Web links.

Star Walk (Android, iOS) ($2.99)

Star Walk (Android, iOS), is an Augmented Reality app that has an advantage of using device’s sensors and location data to present you with an augmented view. All you need to do is raise your device skyward, and Star Walk will display a matching view of constellations, planets and other celestial bodies that you can view, updated in the real-time. It also allows users to tap on planets and other notable objects to view more details concerning them, or check out the Time Machine feature to view the starscape of past or future date and a Night Mode which allows you to stargaze without burning out your night vision.

Sunseeker (Android, iOS) ($9.99)

Sunseeker (Android, iOS) is an Augmented Reality app that helps you to track and predicts the movement of the sun in the sky. Augmented reality viewfinder shows the path and position of the sun at a given time and date. It also predicts sunrise, sunset, and maximum elevation. While it seems like just a pricey software tool, it does have practical applications for a variety of professions, such as for photographers or architects planning to make use of natural lighting.

Crayola Color Alive (Android, iOS) (Free)

Crayola Color Alive (Android, iOS), which pairs DAQRI’s Augmented Reality with Crayola’s coloring books to create interactive pages that bring your kids’ drawings to life. This app is designed to do Crayola’s Color Alive coloring books or with downloadable free pages where you can print, with additional packs available as in the app purchases. Once your child is completed coloring the page, fire up the app, aim at the page and watch it come to life with a variety of animations and special effects.

Inkhunter (AndroidiOS) (Free)

Inkhunter is one of the amazing Augmented Reality apps that allows you to preview what a tattoo might look like in your skin. Simply draw an image using a marker on yourself, point your iPhone camera over it and Inkhunter shows you a dynamic preview of the design, with the ability to rotate and customize the design as the way you need. Users can try a variety of such designs or upload their own, making sure that you’ll never regret having that tattoo.

Field Trip (Android, iOS) (Free)

Field Trip (Android, iOS) is a location aware augmented reality apps that replace tour guide. Users can select a variety of location categories that they are interested in like historical landmarks, museums, restaurants and also Field Trip notifies you if you are near that location, complete with a pop-up card with information about the place.

If you have any other apps I have missed out augmented reality apps, please share in the comments.