Top 5 MacBook Maintenance Tips to Improve Life Expectancy of Your Laptop

A MacBook can be a considerable investment for many. The main purpose of anyone buying a MacBook over a Windows laptop is because they are the comparatively easy to use and are generally hassle-free. The MacBook and MacBook pro are solidly built inside and outside. Here we provide you with some important maintenance tips to consider if you want to improve the life expectancy of your MacBook.

Top 5 MacBook maintenance tips

#1 Keep it coolMacBook

Like any other laptops, Macs also come with built-in cooling fans. The laptop will work at its best only between a certain temperature. Apple claims that, your MacBook will perform optimally between 10 and 35 degree Celsius. When you are performing some tasks on your computer which demand a lot of resource (crunching videos, playing graphics intense games, etc) you can actually hear the sound of the fan running.

The operation of the fans also greatly depends on the room temperature. The recommended room temperature for using your MacBook is 21 to 22 degree Celsius. If you happen to live in a place where mercury keeps shooting, you should consider using your MacBook in an air conditioned room.

#2 Software update

Maintaining the hardware alone will not increase the longevity of your laptop; you should also keep the software up-to-date. Run the software update utility from the menu to check for updates. Most of the time, updates are released to fix bugs, improve security and add new features.

#3 Calibrate battery

Battery is usually the very first component in your MacBook to set a foot in the grave. A well maintained battery can last for many years. It is highly recommended to calibrate the battery once every two months even if you are not a power-user. For people who usually use their laptop connected to the AC adapter almost all the time, it is recommended to calibrate the battery at least once a month. Calibrating the battery ensures that, it will always be able to charge to its maximum capacity.

#4 Backup

Take backup of files on your Mac so that you will be able to restore them in case of a disaster. One can employ simple to use solutions like Time Machine to take scheduled backup of data.

#5 Restart the poor thing

We all know that, Macs can fair well when compared to an average laptop. Do you hardly restart your MacBook? The ability of the MacBook to go for weeks or even months without a single restart could be astonishing. It is very convenient, isn’t it? However, if you don’t restart your laptop often, a lot of data will have to be swapped between the RAM and hard disk by the virtual memory system. If certain programs are kept running for several days, it might also lead to memory leakage which will make your MacBook use more RAM than usual. So do restart your MacBook everyday. There is no harm in it.

Apart from following the maintenance tips mentioned above, you should also consider upgrading your hard disk to a SSD (solid state drive), since they are more efficient and can last longer. You can also buy additional RAM for MacBook so that your laptop will be able to handle all the heavy lifting and keep the laptop temperature low.

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