7 Tips to Speed Up Sales in E-commerce Website

e-commerce websiteShopping online offers customers with multitude of benefits. It is the reason why a lot of companies and brands are showing immense interest on developing such stores. But, honestly, only a few e-commerce websites have made it bigger and earned great reputation among customers and others have just disappeared from the web space. Why just a few out of millions are successful while others falter? Well, at the end of this post you’d find the answer to this.
Stated below are some of the tips that have worked great for successful e-commerce websites which have not only accelerated their sales but also their clientele. Concentrating on the below-mentioned 7 tips can help your business grow substantially.

  • Design
  • Checkout page
  • Zero page loads
  • SEO-friendly
  • High quality content
  • Visual elements
  • Discounts and freebies

Let’s discuss each and every factor above in brief to gather insights for improving the performance of your business online.


Website design has the ability to make or break any business! Designing isn’t a walk in the park to many as it shouldn’t be just focused only on making your website look great in front of customers but also should assist in improving the product sales. A few factors that have to be worth noted when it comes to designing a website are stated below.

  • Attractive call to action buttons
  • Simple navigations
  • Progress indicators
  • Mobile responsiveness
  •  Easy payment options, etc.

I’ve just mentioned a few elements that need to be focused on while designing an e-commerce website and not the entire list. But, giving more importance to these elements can improve sales multifold.

Check out page

A common factor that drags down the performance of most online sites is found to be the checkout page. From various reports and surveys, it is evident that 68% of shopping cart abandonment happens due to poor checkout page designing and form filling. Provided below are some interesting ways in which e-commerce owners can overcome the persistent problem of checkout page!

  • Checkout page with simple designing
  • Removing irrelevant fields and retaining only necessary fields
  • One page checkout page
  • Option for guest checkout

Zero page loads

Page loading has the ability to enhance or take away the user experience of any website. No users love to visit a shopping cart page with maximum page load time. It is reported from many reports that even a single second delay in the page load will make the site owner suffer as 80% online customers abandon as a result of this. Find below some suggestions to zero the page loads.

  • Don’t add images that are too heavy and takes time to load
  • Add extension to zero in page load whenever customer adds or deletes any product
  • Eliminate page refresh when a customer flips between pages on checkout page (if no single page checkout option available)
  • Check out page loading frequently as slow page loads can affect SEO results


This is quite vital as without SEO-friendly elements on the site, promoting and presenting the site among of millions of online visitors won’t be easy. In fact, you’ve a lot of extensions available online today which can help your business grow massively. Concentrate on the following attributes to make your site completely SEO-friendly.

  • Meta data (description, keywords, title)
  • URL of the site
  • Relevant keywords in the product pages
  • Creating site map
  • Fast page loading

High-quality content

Any website without high-quality content on it will get lost amidst millions of websites available online. Only an interactive and simple to digest content on the site has the ability to impress a lot of visitors cutting through your site. A site with reliable and useful content can easily improve the visibility of your site easily on the search engines as well as on visitors’ minds. Following the below stated points while developing a site would be quite beneficial in improving the performance of any e-commerce website.

  • Precise and simple
  • Compelling
  • Informative
  • Easy to digest
  • Customer-centric

Visual elements

It is the era of images and videos and if your website don’t host any of these then obviously you’ll end up with less customer conversions. Today, most successful websites have innovative images and mind-blowing videos which could easily grab the attention of any customer visiting your site. Find below some interesting ways to make your site loaded with customer pulling images.

  • Innovative images representing your products or services
  • Colorful videos with best products and their uses
  • Different and unique with attractive ideas
  • Interactive and inspiring

Discounts and freebies

Though your website is packed with the all the above-mentioned parameters, still it might miss out the trick to allure more customers due to lack of discounts and freebies. Today, most customers throng online sites because they’re always in search of freebies and discounts as they could save money and time. Wish to know why discounts work for your business, the reasons are stated below.

  • Increases customer’s trust
  • Enhances your brand exposure
  • Brings in repeat customers
  • Improves clientele with new customers often
  • Accelerates sales and customer conversion

Focusing on the 7 elements and tips offered here, it won’t be hard to come up with an e-commerce website offering excellent user experience for massive sales. I hope this post offered some useful information on improving sales and attracting customers easily. If you’ve any other elements that you feel like missed out, please input via comments.

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