The Three Most Popular Hunting Trip Destinations

If you are looking at going out of America for your next hunting trip then look no further. Different places can give you different animals to hunt from the Big Five to fast doves, depending on how experienced you are and how much you want to challenge yourself. Wherever you go, you will be accompanied by experienced professionals who will assist you through the hunt and ensure your safety is paramount. Below are three of the most popular destinations for hunters worldwide.

Hunting Trip Destinations

South Africa

South Africa is known for the most dangerous and deadly animals. It is a destination for experienced hunters and those wishing to seek an adrenaline rush and gain trophies they may not be able to score elsewhere. You may see up to twenty different game species in one day and each of the nine hunting regions has its own characteristic terrain. One of the rarer hunts that South Africa boasts is hippo hunting, which is the ultimate adrenaline rush in the hunting world. South Africa hosts the most hunting trips out of any other country in the world and is the number one destination for hunters.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place for those who are lovers of mountain hunting. There are many hunted game species which reside in New Zealand, along with beautiful and spectacular scenery. New Zealand can offer bush hunting for red stags, mountain hunting for chamois, and estate hunting for world record fallow, just to name a few. Another thing New Zealand has to offer is free hunting grounds with have no trophy fees, something you cannot find elsewhere. However, the hunting is not easy! Many hunters go to New Zealand to appreciate the beautiful landscapes that come with the hunt; you will not get bored waiting for your prey when you have such amazing views around you.


Argentina has something to offer every kind of hunter. regardless of skill. It is known for its world- famous dove and pigeon hunting and is definitely something that every avid hunter should experience at some point in their life. Here, it is possible to shoot as many as 10,000 birds in a day, which is where the world record for most bagged doves in a day comes from, so if you’re up for a new challenge, Argentina is the place to be. Apart from birds, Argentina is well known for its bigger game such as deer, sheep, and buffalo. The country has a wide range of terrain for all hunters, from the rainforest, mountain, forests, and plains. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt and wish to give yourself a different experience out of American territories, traveling to any of these countries can give you just that. Booking a hunting trip in South Africa is great for those adrenaline junkies who want to get up close to the most deadly animals in the world, whilst New Zealand boasts beautiful landscapes to hunt in and Argentina has something
for everyone.