8 Social Media Platforms Blunders Every Brand Must Avoid

The Internet is peppered with samples of how brands have created some large blunders on Social Media Platforms. Once hit the publish button on your brand’s social media platforms page, make certain you never do the below mentioned mistakes:

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Mixing your personal and professional views on social media platforms

Your personal views regarding one thing should never mirror on your company’s social media platform page. Maintain a clear and transparent distance from posting your political or spiritual beliefs on any social media platforms. Your brand should convey its own voice and temperament on social media platforms.

Demeaning a brand/person on social media platform

It will be a giant shelve. it’ll place your company in unhealthy lightweight. it’ll be forged a nasty impression on your users still as on your prospects. Therefore consider before doing it.

Paying no heed to your analytics

The only thanks to measuring your growth and determine if your strategies are working are by studying your analytics. The insights will help you decide whether or not you need to take a new course of action. Once you have laid out a plan, ensure that you measure its efficiency at least on a weekly basis.

Using sourced images carelessly

Avoid any sort of legal upheavals by using sources images properly. You can take permission from their rightful owners in case you want to use them. Also, you can mention credits and link back those images to their owners.

Being arrogant

One of the quickest ways to spoil the reputation of your brand is by indulging in profanity. Never ever be rude or arrogant. It won’t do your brand any good. It will only spread negativity and might also attract retaliations.

Not listening to your audience on social media platforms

Given the fact that a social media network is a two-way communication channel, you are bound to receive praises as well as criticisms from your customers. Never ignore the bad feedback your brand receives. Listen to your customer properly who is complaining since he/she can help you assess the weak points of your business. This is one of the best ways to grow your brand and build trust among your users.

Doing aggressive selling

There is a fine line between promotion and aggression. Never skip that. Do not promote your products all the time on your brand’s social media networks. You can follow the 80/20 rule which means that you post useful content 80 percent of the time and promotional content for the other 20 percent of the time.

Posting without taking permission

There’s a big difference between being humorous and being offensive. Never cross that line! A picture of an employee which is embarrassing can surely come across as interesting to you. But before you decide to post that picture on your brand’s social media page just for fun, ensure that you have the much-needed permission.

By avoiding these social media platforms blunders, you’ll be ready to leverage the total power of your social media platforms.