Problems & Issues of Lenovo P2

I’ve had mine Lenovo P2 now for just over 2 weeks and so far its been somewhat of a disappointment. So far I’ve come across with many issues of Lenovo P2.

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Lenovo P2

I have already written a full detailed review about Lenovo P2.

Just thought I’d write an article for owners of the Lenovo P2 to share any bugs or issues ( and hopefully cures ) that we’ve come across so far. And to tidy up other issues that may get clogged with these issues.

issues of lenovo p2

Issues of Lenovo P2

1 – Audio sync

Regardless of the app used the audio sync is out with the video. It gets even worse when trying to stream a video through a web browser ( and I’ve tried a few different ones just to make sure it is not a chrome issue ). Streaming audio from internet radio is bad too. After 20 minutes or so the sound breaks up completely.

2 – The Low volume in recorded videos

The noise suppression/noise cancellation kicks in within one second when you record a video. what sound you are left with is similar to an old gramophone record.

3 – Notifications

Seems to be an issue with the phone going into deep sleep, no notifications come through. I’ve read a few people saying turning off app optimization for the affected apps helps, but I don’t think it makes any difference.

4 – Tap to wake

Tap the screen twice, sorry 22 times to wake up the phone.

5 – SD card formatting

Freezes every time I try to format a memory card ( which has worked perfectly in galaxy S5 ) as internal or external memory.

6 – High CPU usage at idle

I’ve seen this on a few other forums too. CPU starts sticking at 1.6ghz after the phone has been running for a few days. I’ve done a clean wipe and installed no other apps or removed any and it is still present.

And the most amazing thing is I haven’t seen any of these issues of Lenovo P2 raised in any reviews of the phone either.

I hope some of these issues can be fixed in a software update.

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So feel free to add any comments or fixes if you come across them. The Lenovo P2 could be a fantastic phone if only the gremlins are fixed.