Online Games For Bilingual Education

children-turning-on-computer-100112953Online game playing provides a uniquely perfect tool for bilingual education. Having fun while learning builds a high interest level, maintains focus, and reinforces the information that is being absorbed. Teachers, home schooling parents, and students of all kinds benefit from using online gaming to teach or learn one or more languages.

Why Is Online Game Playing So Good For Bilingual Education?

Online gaming is fun and stimulating in a way that builds mental skills. When applied to learning a specific subject, gaming makes the most of the brain for the best knowledge input and retention.

If the student does not have enough interaction with people speaking a given language, it can be difficult to learn and retain the knowledge in language studies. An online game can teach new words and concepts in an engaging and adaptive way that is not possible with books or audio. Also, languages have to be used to be remembered. Online games can keep the language fresh in the student’s mind when there is no other current way to use their acquired knowledge.

Another benefit of online games applies to students with attention problems or certain learning styles. It may be difficult to engage your student in learning from books or audio, but online games offer visual and more attractive techniques to suit almost all learning styles. Students who feel learning is a chore have a tendency to give up or not try as hard. This could be damaging to their self-esteem and hinder their desire to begin future learning endeavors on their own. Online games can make learning fun and accessible and give them confidence.

Where Can You Find Online Games For Bilingual Education?

Language Games offers games that we already love in varying languages. An English and Spanish speaking child could play an English game one time and a Spanish one right behind it. Anyone can use classic games like Word Search, Crosswords, or Hangman to build and maintain their bilingual skills.

This website provides many games for English, Spanish, Latin, French, and German. They seem to specialize in English, so if it is English your student is struggling with, this site will be of particular benefit.

Garanimals Blog

While many sites focus on learning one language, this blog points out several games specifically for bilingual children. The games are made for younger students.

Genki English offers more games for students needing to brush up on their English as a second language. You must become a member to play the games. The website offers other teaching tools as well.

This list hits on only a few websites for bilingual studies. Feel free to search the internet for games suiting the needs of your student. Many people have noticed the benefit of using the mind stimulating effects of games for learning languages, so finding what you need should not be difficult.

The uniquely stimulating format of online gaming benefits all types of students, and it could be a life-changing experience for students with difficulties in learning from other methods. These games are so fun, they may get students and teachers of all ages to play and learn together.

Otto Oliver is born to a Filipino mother and British father, giving  him the privilege to be born and raised in a bilingual household. He is a gamer and writer at