Now Choose Your BSNL Number Online [Full Process]

[Updated: September 2014]

BSNL has launched a new dedicated site and mobile app for “Choose Your Number Online” feature. Earlier, it was available on a different site [see our coverage below, which we did in 2011]. The new site located at allows users to browser by states in each of the 4 Indian zones including North Zone, East Zone, West Zone and South Zone.

BSNL has improved the choose your number web app drastically. Now users can not only choose the number they want but also choose better numbers that are available called fancy numbers for a price.

BSNL Choose Your Number

BSNL Choose Your Number

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can also choose amon thousands of fancy numbers that are available with BSNL. Yeah, they do come at a cost, however, it is one time cost and you can choose the number you want.

Even if you do not want a fancy number, just browse to many thousands those are available and choose the best.

How to Book you number of “BSNL Choose your number”

  1. Visit
  2. Choose you state (from different zones)
  3. You will get a table showing numbers.
  4. You chan choose filter (click on funnel icon) and say “starts from” or “contains” and find the number you want
  5. Once you have chose the number, Click on “Reserve Number”
  6. It will ask for your existing number. Enter that, so BSNL will send you a pin.
  7. Once you get the PIN, you will need to go to nearest BSNL customer care center and show the Pin and your mobile number.
  8. Complete all the formalities and submit documents
  9. Upon document verification the number will be granted to you.

Earlier (written in 2011)

Amidst all the negativity surrounding the telecom firm BSNL, including tripling of its losses to Rs.6000 crore on account of procuring 3G and BWA spectrum, the state-run firm has come up with an innovative business idea!

In what could be a precedent in the telecom industry, BSNL has announced the release of ‘Choose your mobile number’ scheme for prospective GSM customers in the prepaid mobile category, on a PAN India basis.

BSNL’s new scheme allows subscribers to choose any one GSM mobile number – Just visit this BSNL site and you can choose from there. On selecting the desired number from the available list, the customer will be notified a 7-digit PIN number by SMS, valid for 72 hours only.

Later, the customer need to feed this PIN number back into the site, confirming his acceptance and selection of the new connection number, to be received by nearest customer service center or franchisee on submission of requisite documents for release of new connection in his favour.

image thumb4 BSNL launches ‘Choose your mobile number’ scheme !




Above, we have illustrated, as to how you can search a number of your choice with various permutation and combinations.

Interestingly, this new promotional scheme was first implemented by BSNL in its Andhra Pradesh telecom circle w.e.f 1st Nov 2011 on an experimental basis, that we had covered it sometime back. After positive response from the circle, BSNL is now offering this service across the country.

In a first, this type of selection option given to the prospective customers is certainly an innovative and ambitious feature launched by the state-owned telecom firm BSNL. In fact, even other telecom operators might be forced to follow the suit, in a bid to attract the new subscribers by offering wider variety of choice of numbers.

Contrastingly, this also provokes me to think as to what is the significance of the choice of mobile number in this era, given that once we feed it on our handset – there is virtually no need to memorise it. Tell me frankly, how many of you can recollect the cell numbers of your near-and-dear ones, right away? Shoot…

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