New High Productivity Apps – Get into High Gear with These Apps

New High Productivity AppsIt’s time to put your productivity into overdrive by using these amazing apps for the workplace. It’s easy to get distracted in today’s technological world but these amazing applications can help you stay focused so you get the most work done in the least amount of time.

Optimize your productivity in 2014 with these 2013 apps that were highly rated by users:

The Swizzle

Take your email account to a new level with this app for your inbox that gets things cleaned out so that you can concentrate on customer and client emails instead. This application will scan through your inbox and list out all the offers and special promotions. You can look through them and unsubscribe from the ones that slow down your production and gather the ones you want to keep. You can then put them into a weekly digest from Swizzle.

How many hours do you spend sorting through your inbox to find the emails that actually lead to higher production levels and a better income? If you run any type of construction business, for example, you need to know exactly who is looking for tradie information or perhaps a quote for a new job. This app makes email browsing easier than it has ever been before.

Any do

While you probably already have a to-do list on your phone, this is an app that can streamline your list. This application features the ability to plug in any tasks that haven’t been scheduled and place them into your list. You’ll be able to share your lists with your employees, dictate tasks and set reminders for locations and times. This app is available for chrome, android and iOS.

How many unscheduled tasks do you have floating around your universe? Sometimes these floating particles can really add a lot of confusion to a company or a self-employed individual. Getting them filed correctly can add a lot of focus to a schedule, a list and the management of a business. This app takes care of the straggling tasks that you know you need to do but may have been avoiding for one reason or another!


This is a wonderful application for notetaking and is now available for Android and the web. Some loyal clients of Evernote have even decided to make the switch over to this one since it has been redesigned and upgraded in December 2013. It seems as though the company has been listening to suggestions and has implemented many improvements in the app that brings it to the level of Evernote and even beyond with some features.

Notetaking is an important part of keeping track of the projects that you have going on whether you work in the industrial trade, as a busy executive or work hard at home as a stay-at-home parent. In today’s world, nobody should be without some type of notetaking app so that all projects get completed and accomplished without fail.



Sharon Freeman is a freelance blogger and author.  She loves business management, app trends and reviewing business management software