Moto G4 coming exclusively to Amazon India; Is Flipkart losing out?

There was a time when large handset makers were launching Flipkart-only smartphones because Flipkart was at its peak and consumers were really liking the service. In recent times, we have seen smartphone makers like LeEco, Motorola and Huawei launching their smartphones exclusively on the online marketplace.

OnePlus was one of the first to sell exclusively on Amazon India and it looks like Motorola is switching sides as well. In a tweet from Motorola’s twitter handle, the company confirmed that Moto G4 will be available exclusively via Amazon post-launch. No doubt Amazon is India’s buzziest brand and deserves the title as well.

When Motorola re-entered India with the G series, it collaborated with Flipkart only to sell the sub-Rs 15,000 smartphone through flash sales, which eventually turned around the industry. The smartphone sold like hot-cakes and many manufacturers realised the smartness in cheap phone-high-end specs strategy adopted by Moto.

Amit Boni, country head at Motorola Mobility India, said, “ is the one of the best online marketplaces in India and we are glad to announce that we have exclusively partnered with Amazon India for our next Motorola smartphone.”

Is Flipkart losing its sheen?

Snapdeal and Amazon have emerged as one of the top competitors for Flipkart and the company is finding new ways to attract new customers, while hold its existing portfolio. Flipkart’s evaluation has gone down this year, which could be due to cut-throat competition.

Snapdeal has been growing and diversifying into other domains, by partnering with other startups to increase its customer base. Unlike Flipkart, Snapdeal is simply tying-up with these companies to offer services to potential customers and extract that juice from the revenues generated from the additional services.

Moto G was also one of the reasons Flipkart’s popularity grew and many other companies got attracted to the idea of flash sales. Little did we know all this would turn around and cause Flipkart some damage. In fact, Motorola stopped selling exclusively on Flipkart and opened its venues to Amazon and Snapdeal as well.

Expected features of the phone

The iconic smartphone is set to launch in less than a week and internet are rife with rumours about the expected features in the phone. Some are contemplating two versions of the smartphone – Moto G4 and G4 Plus.

The smartphones are expected to sport full metal bodies along with a fingerprint scanner in G4 Plus. G4 could come with a 5.2-inch 1080p HD screen size, while G4 Plus could come in 5.5-inch 1080p HD screen size.

The G series is known for affordability and reliability. The smartphones are inexpensive and value for money, with some high-end features in a solid body. G4 should continue the legacy of the brand and make its sales higher this year.
Since it is Amazon only, Flipkart fans might want to take some time to adjust to the news. We feel Flipkart lacks good customer service, which is where Amazon focuses on. It’s like having an American Express credit card and an HDFC Bank credit card – you know the latter has very India-specific offers but the first always ensures you never face any problem till the very end.

Image source: Techradar

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