Mobile Apps for Folks Looking for Entertainment on their Smartphones

mobile appThe popularity of mobile apps has seen a quantum leap in last few years. As the usage of Smartphones and other mobile devices increases, the market is going to be flooded further with these new-fangled apps. And going by the trends, the demand is constantly headed north.

And this why 2014 has already seen a slew of impressive mobile apps being lapped up so ever eagerly by the users. Some of these apps have been in existence from long now, while others have made a foray just recently.  The ensuing year will further bring some of the most dynamic and feature rich mobile apps.

Let’s have a look at few mobile apps that fit the adjective, awesome, and are topping the downloading charts:


In today’s ultra-busy times, it’s not hard to miss your favorite shows on a regular basis. That said, it’s not hard to catch up with them either. With ZeeBox, you can watch all your favorite shows, events or anything else that is broadcasted on TV right there on your mobile.


Who doesn’t know Flixster! Arguably the most popular app for watching movies, Flixster has been a gift for movie buffs worldwide. It tells you what are the latest movies being placed at the theatre near you, and how has it fared on Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Komik Reader

For the book lovers, Komik Reader has been nothing short of a blessing. With a beautiful interface, it lets you make the choicest collection of books right there on your Smartphone.

TuneIn Radio

Bored of listening to the radio of your local town? Download TuneIn Radio to get the latest updates on what’s happening around the world on your phone through the radio. Listen to the exotic songs, the political debates, the quiz shows, etc, being aired on the radio.


Here is what the music lovers needed! As the name suggests, Poweramp is a powerful app that helps you play songs in any format. It has an amazing interface that you would love to work on, and has some quality equalizers to go with it.


When it comes to streaming the music online, Spotify is your best bet. You can stream music from any location and from any device, irrespective of its make and model. If you find it hard to look for good music online and downloading them always doesn’t seem to be a feasible option, Spotify will help you listening to them on live streaming. You can create your own list as this device segregates the track based on artist and album specifications.


When Google launches a game, you know there is something special in it for you. Ingress, created by Google’s Niantic Labs, is basically a sci-fi game that takes you to an altogether unexplored world on your Smartphone. It is a fascinating piece of thing as it keeps tossing mysteries at you. Explore the most weirdest places on this app and get bowled over by its mythical proportions.

ESPN SportsCenter

On planet earth, there is no dearth of sports freaks who want to keep themselves updated with what’s happening in the sports world.  And for such souls, ESPN SportsCenter is the ideal app. It delivers the latest scores, the league results, the different sports schedules, fixtures right at their fingertips. Plus, the stats and the hottest news around any particular sport can easily be obtained.

Basketball Scoreboard

For the enthusiasts if Basketball, Basketball Scoreboard brings features galore. You can find the latest news around the Basketball sport around the world on the app and can check of stats, live scores, the points table of a particular event and much more.

There is no end to the tempting technological sophistication of these apps. And now we wait to see what else 2014 has in store for us.

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