MicroStealth Lunches Mobile GPS Tracking Software

MicroStealthEver had someone whose tail you needed to chase? Yes? Well MicroStealth seems to have built a powerful solution to your problem. Their new Mobile GPS tracking solution is making waves in the market for its superior quality stealth. What makes it different from other apps is that the GPS tracker comes fully equipped with an alternate solution in the event that the GPS is turned off, malfunctions or ceases to work completely. The information that it conveys on the target’s location, however, continues to get transmitted to the online dashboard. Many firms have been scrambling to create similar features but have been unsuccessful in mimicking the quality and efficiency provided by .
Parents have been worrying about their kids increasingly disconnected attitudes. This is the cell phone and laptop generation. They have their entire lives fitted on social media sites. How do you find them if they make a plan on Facebook and leave you out of the game plan? How do you ensure that they aren’t in fact planning excursions to meet weird strangers who want to cause them harm? The answer to that lies within their cell phones. Keeping that in mind MicroStealth drummed out its Mobile GPS tracking software fitted with both safe zones and restricted areas. You can set up both the safe zones and the restricted areas on your own convenience anytime you want. So the next time your teen lands into an unsafe place you will be able to keep them safe because of the instant notifications that you get about their location. MicroStealth knows how to help parents.

The story isn’t much different for employers! Imagine running a small company with delivery boys and girls that have to get the product to the customer in record time. Imagine managing a firm that has specialized goods to offer and innovative designs to keep secret. Imagine your employees breaking your trust. What are you to do? In both cases you use MicroStealth Mobil GPS Tracking feature. What it will basically let you do is monitor where you employee takes their company owned phone and who they’re interacting with. For instance, if you’re a delivery business owner you will be able to easily see if someone is taking breaks while they’re on their route or heading straight to the customer. And if you’re from the firm dealing with innovative designs that must be kept locked away then you’ll be able to see if one of your staff members is emailing, messaging, or literally taking them to a competitor.
The information is easily drawn up on a map which you can access around the clock at your own ease. You won’t have to find a specific phone or laptop to check the information since all of it is literally available online. The only thing you need to do is trust MicroStealth to deliver the information and data that you need. Once MicroStealth starts sniffing out the truth there’s no way that you will remain in the dark about anything!

About MicroStealth:

MicroStealth is one of the pioneers of high quality design and development of monitoring apps and software. It is the only firm that offers cross-platform monitoring solutions which work on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia-Symbian. The firm prides itself on serving the consumer and corporate sector, while it also offers services to the government. The products are well supported with extensive documentation, highly trained staff, live chat systems, phone support, and a 10-day money back guarantee that is unconditional and unmatched