Microsoft OneDrive for iOS gets PIN code support and new features

Microsoft has updated OneDrive app for iPhone and iPad with new features. In order to prevent others from breaching your files, the app gets an ability to require a PIN code to access for files.
This adds a protection layer to your documents as it will need a PIN code to open them. Secondly, the app adds support for Apple’s Touch ID, thereby allowing you to unlock it with your fingerprint. The Touch ID feature is one of the latest on the iOS 8. Microsoft has made the OneDrive app compatible to large screens on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This update shows more files and folders on a single page and provides more editing room when working on documents on your phone.
Finally, users can now sort files and folders by name, date, or size in both ascending and descending orders. OneDrive offered 30GB free storage to iPhone users last month
You can download the OneDrive App from Apple App Store.
via:OneDrive Blog

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