Make Your House Irresistible with these Five Tricks of the Trade

credit repairYour home needs to sell but in order to make the sale you have to get people through the doors. Many buyers reject houses based on the images they see in the brochure or online, with the outside appearance making a huge impact within seconds. A drive by can quickly determine whether the potential buyer wants to take the time to investigate further, so it’s essential to work on improving the curb appeal of your property. You can do this with the following techniques, and the good news is there’s very little expense involved.

A Great House at All Times of the Night and Day

Many buyers will pass a property they’re interested in after office working hours. Therefore you have to ensure it looks incredible during the evening and night as well as in the day. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by installing lights along the path leading up to your front door. Soft exterior lighting makesyour home look inviting but you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. Purchase a few solar garden lights so there are no electrical wires or additional electricity costs. They can be quickly installed by pushing them into the ground and the light created is ambient and not too bright.

Add Some Colour

Add some landscaping and colour to the exterior of your home by adding some flowers or plants. The flower beds should look fresh and looked after, an instant boost to the curb appeal of your property. Go the extra mile and consider adding some hanging baskets either side of your front door or to the wall ofyour home that is adjacent to the path. Buy perennials so the flowers will last year after year, making it easy for the new owners to maintain.

A Bold Front Door

Painting the front door or replacing the one you already have is another great way to use colour. You could pick a bright bold colour such as red or go for a contemporary look, opting for a dark grey or sage green. Pick a colour that fits in with the age and style of the property.

Visible from the Road

Cut back any large tree branches or bushes that obscure your home from the road. You don’t have to give up your entire privacy but it’s a good idea to ensure at least some of the property can be enjoyed by any potential buyer that happens to be walking or driving past. Large trees can make the features of yourhome appear dark and gloomy, so it’s worth trimming them back even if the property is already visible.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Simple things can make all the difference. A new door knocker, handle, decorative plant posts and County House Signs really do have a great impact on the property. These are subtle accents that can encourage people to want to walk over the threshold to see what your home is like on the inside, which is the main goal.