Live A Lavish Life For Half The Price

luxury lifestyleLet’s face it; we would all like to live a life of luxury if we could.  Unfortunately for most of us, this is not realistic.  However, with a few small tweaks, it is possible to replicate an extravagant lifestyle without the limitless budget.

Here’s Looking at You

A great way to make your lifestyle more lavish is to instigate a change of perspective.  Whilst most of us don’t spend all day reclining on the sofa receiving luxury gifts and being waited on hand and foot, there are some positives to watch out for.  The first thing to do is to figure out exactly what makes you tick.  This could be anything from a cup of tea in the morning, fresh bedding or a long soak in a bubble-filled tub.  It is not always the expensive things in life which make us feel good; indeed, the small things can often have a huge impact.  It really is all a question of taste.  What makes one person tick may not work for another, so take some time to discover what works for you.  Once you have honed in on the experiences which make you happy, try and incorporate them into your life on a more regular basis.  Equally, have a clean-out of the items, experiences and people who do not make you feel good.

Freebies Galore

One way to make your lifestyle feel instantly more plentiful is to take advantage of free things.  Look at affluence in terms of quality experiences and soon you will be feeling pretty rich.  Why not treat yourself to an afternoon outdoors with friends and family, or learn a new skill?  There is always the option of enrolling on a fun and educational course.  The initial investment is well worth it when it comes to acquiring new knowledge.  Furthermore, you never know who you might meet!  Taking small steps, such as appreciating those around you and gaining a new hobby will get you into a luxurious mindset before you know it.

maximizing Money Management

If the luxury gifts still aren’t pouring in, there are a few simple ways to gain expensive items yourself.  The motto ‘quality over quantity’ is what matters here.  Assess your current spending patterns and work out how much money is wasted on pointless items.  Most of us tend to splurge in the sales only to never use the objects in question.  Rather than buying a couple of cheap items for a relatively small amount of money, save the cash up and treat yourself to one expensive object.  If you do not tend to shop in sales, try saving the money from your mid-morning coffee break.  Before you know it, you will have enough for a treat.  You could even spend the money on an expensive new coffee machine!

Fine Dining and Wining

Finally, why not recreate the plush environment of your favourite restaurant at home?  Whilst you may have to do the washing up at the end of the night, the plush feeling of an expensive setting is easily created.  Start by picking your favourite dishes and researching some recipes, the advantage being that you can also add a new dish to your repertoire.  Seek out some budget buys which recreate the decor of the restaurant, perhaps through selecting new candles or placemats.  Even though you are spending some money to create the look, it will last for many months to come.  To make the experience seem even more lavish, invite some family and friends over.  What says luxury more than a dinner party?  Set a theme to really get into the swing of things and let the quality conversation flow.  All you need to complete the evening is a glass of the most expensive champagne around!

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