Don’t get messed up. Just choose Xpress Yourself, a perfect Messenger!!!

There are plenty of social apps available in the market today, with all targeted to connect people. But why only a few stands out? What makes them special? It’s all about the comfort and the closeness we feel while using the App.

Xpress Yourself, a comprehensive messaging app, is making its way to become a household name of the mobile social-networkers with its unique UI and strong privacy features. Is this a perfect messenger? Let’s look close on what differentiates this app from its kind.

A quick identifying contact list – Hub Screen:Conversation Screen

An Elegant view, the hub screen of Xpress is its contact list itself. It presents 2 or 3 column tile view or list view, making easy for its users to catch their friends in a single glimpse. A contact tile holds their profile pic and their name, and a group contact tile carries a group icon to differentiate them. Simple, Stylish and Clear hub screen.

To shift between chats easily – Conversation Screen:

Xpress’ conversation screen is exclusively designed for you to stay within the conversation context and switch between conversations without ever having to leave the screen. The desired conversation can be brought in with just a tap on the avatar strip (contact list). This feature helps multi-chats from messing up and with break-free chat.

Disappearing Messages

Ephemeral Messaging turns us playful:

For those who enjoy playing pranks, and some who prefer more privacy; can make use of this Ephemeral messaging feature. All the text, picture, video or audio that are sent can be set to self-delete with in particular time, leaving no trace of it. You can turn any message to ephemeral message just by setting the duration of its life.

Xpress priorities Security @ first:

“Your feelings are worth to be protected, hence we does not store any of your messages in the server.” assures Xpress team.  Also uploading your address book to their servers is not mandatory, and when it is accessed to find out who else among your contacts are using Xpress, that information is never retained on servers. Also an option to protect your messages using Passcode protect feature is offered, by which you can lock your app for more security.

Doodle feature for more fun:Doodles

Xpress introduces paint/draw over a picture feature; this allows to paint/draw on a picture and share it with our family, friends, etc. This feature brings out the creativity in us and makes our messaging more fun.

Colorful Themes:

I believe appearance also adds life to our conversation, after finding the colorful themes and their related patterns offered by Xpress. Though there are not plenty, the limited ones are more than enough for us to feel delightful while messaging.

Few more features that impressed me: Groups that can be created with more than 250 contacts.  Option to enjoy messaging to yourself and your friends from the web using your Xpress account.

Few messaging apps are good, but if you are looking for perfection, you will opt for Xpress yourself Messenger; simply superb in its way.

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You can also download Xpress Yourself app on Google Play StoreiTunes and  Windows