Joomla – An Excellent Open Source CMS Solution!

open source cmsJoomla is a very popular open source cms (content management system) that is installed by millions of web developers and leading business firms (mainly in India) for effective management of the articles and content that they post on their website. It offers remarkable extensions for the website in order to make them look attractive to the visitors. Using Joomla, you can easily manage the audio files, images, text and other animations that you have added to your website. If you have knowledge about the basic HTML and CSS coding, you can very easily use the software for effectively doing the editing tasks. Read on carefully for more information.

For website development and content management services, Joomla Development Company is always considered to be a wise choice as it offers remarkable blog template options using which the websites can be given a much more attractive look.

Here are some points describing some essential information about Joomla web development:-

  • Joomla is a PHP based content management system and is also does the coding in the same language. It offers highly advanced database options which help the website owners to maintain the content on their website in the most suitable manner.

  • Joomla become quite popular with its 3.0 version that was launched back in 2012 in the month of September. This version has all the bug fixes and improved JavaScript programming languages.

  • The modules provided in Joomla are very famous for their third party integrations and content editing. There has been no shortage of modules in the 3rd version of Joomla as modules are pretty handy given the advanced customization options.

  • It also boasts of the drag ‘n’ drop feature providing the users an easy way to make add media files to their website.

  • The Joomla powered websites also get an advantage to get linked up with various third party plug-ins provided in it that give the payment options in the e-commerce website the tightest possible security.

  • The caching speeds of Joomla are unquestionable. Websites integrated with Joomla load faster as compared to others. The caching process is done through the granule level that compresses the web pages in the GZIP format.

  • The debugging mode in the Joomla 3.0 is by far the most high order open source CMS solution provider amongst all others.

If you are going to use Joomla as your content management system, then it is highly recommended that you use the latest version i.e. the 3rd one for which the requirements are mentioned below:-

  • PHP software program for decoding of the language when uploading a media or a text file. Versions required – 5.3.1 and above.

  • MySQL or PostgretSQL database support. Version requirement for MySQL – 5.1 or above and for PostgreSQL – 8.3.1 or above.

  • Apache web server along with mod zlib, mod mysql, mod xml, MS IIS or Nginx for improved installation speeds and moreover enhanced customization experience.

Joomla not only offers you the opportunity to make your website much more advanced but also provides you various readymade templates that are widely used and appreciated by web developers and growing business all over the world.


Manish Vats is Online Marketing Manager in Imenso Software; Imenso Software is Joomla Development Company in India, provides offshore and outsourcing Joomla Development Services and many others like Drupal, Magneto, Extra