iPad mini 2013 edition: what exactly is new in comparison with iPad mini 2012

9305523217_766473136eIn October 2012 iPad mini was presented. It’s a mini tablet designed by Apple Incorporate. It’s the first product to have a screen of only 7.9-inches, in contrast to the classic 9.7-inches screens. In October 2013 a new model was announced too – iPad mini 2. Every Apple fan who follows their products is aware of the fact that iPad mini 2 is supposed to be innovative and present new better features. The company didn’t have to change the iPad mini much. All that had to be done for the new version was to speed it up a little and add a Retina display. But how significant the difference between the last year’s model and the new one is, we’ll discuss now.


The 7.9-inch display went through a good improvement from 768 x 1024 to 1536 x 2048 pixels. Although it didn’t come up as a big surprise, the change for good was pleasantly accepted. In total the new version of iPad mini has over two million pixels more than the 2012 model.


For those who expected a new super design, it might have come as a disappointment. The design of iPad mini 2 isn’t really improved. Perhaps the company found the design of the old iPad mini good enough to change it, or they are keeping the innovations  for iPad mini 3, which is expected to be released in the first half of 2014. Whatever the reason is, we can’t complain since the design, even without a change, is perfectly okay.

The size is comparatively the same too. The difference is not really noticeable with the little difference of 0.3mm.

As for the weight, it’s not that imperceptible. The new model is a little bit heavier because of its processor. iPad mini 2 is only 29g more but still heavier than the original one.


When we compare connectivity, it doesn’t really differ much either at first sight. Both models have Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi plus cellular versions and Bluetooth 4.0. But checked a bit more further, inside the new iPad mini there is a Wi-Fi chip whose dual channel Wi-Fi provides better wireless connectivity. The Multiple Input Multiple Output technology can easily speed up downloading.


There aren’t any significant changes in the camera either. The 1.2 Megapixel camera of the new iPad 2 has the same 5MP lens as it’s predecessor. The same features are available in both models, such as geotagging, autofocus, face detection and others. However, there is an improvement in the new version – a Backside illumination sensor which helps to take better photos in low light.


Perhaps the most important improvement in the new model is its processor. As the first iPad mini had a dual-core A5 processor, the new one has a M7 motion co-processor.


Apple always tries to keep a 10-hour battery life of all products and the new iPad mini 2 is no exception.

The original iPad mini exceeded our expectations in 2012, therefore many people didn’t expect much from the new model. And although there weren’t any mind-blowing changes or improvements that would amaze us, the new iPad mini 2 did meet our expectations and pleased our technology needs. Apple proved once again that they are the best and they know exactly what customers want. We are looking forward to the release of the new model of iPad mini.

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