How Important is Having a Social Media Presence

social mediaIf you have a successful website or blog, you might wonder if you should even bother setting up any social media accounts for your business or blog page. You may have gotten away just fine without any MySpace or Facebook page in past years, but social media is becoming more and more important. Ten years ago, people were asking themselves a very similar question. They were wondering if they really needed a website if they already had a successful brick and mortar business. As time has proven, businesses really should have an online presence even if they do already have a successful physical store. The same is becoming true of social media. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other accounts is becoming more essential for your business every day.

Build Brand Awareness

While most people will certainly find you through your website, social media is a great way to help your target audience get to know you better. They can become far more familiar with your brand, products, services, or content when they connect with your Facebook, Twitter, or other media accounts. You will have a chance to design a custom profile that illustrates a lot about your business. Use your social media networks to give your customers and followers a sense of who you really are and what type of value you can offer them. You’ve likely already taken the time to design a great website, by using custom WordPress templates or designing your own site from scratch. After going through that much trouble, setting up your social media accounts will be a breeze.

You Can Get to Know Your Target Audience

Your profiles are a great way for your followers to find out more about you, but you can also use it to your advantage. Use your network connections to learn more about your followers and get more information about the audience you are targeting with your website or blog. Facebook and other networks can be a great way to do some research about your potential audience. It gives you a chance to see what methods work to grab their attention, and what types of approaches are total flops.

Take Advantage of Built-In Marketing Strategies

Many social networks offer built in advertising options to let you promote your page on their site. These types of marketing campaigns can cost as little as $10 per day and the results you can get are an incredible value. You can easily add lots of potential new customers and followers to your page with a simple Facebook marketing campaign. These types of campaigns are extremely easy to set up, making them an excellent use of your time.

A Relatively Low Cost

Social media accounts are free to set up, so the only costs involved are your time. It will take time and effort to manage the profiles, but the return is well worth it. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of a free way to help promote your business or blog. When used effectively, your Facebook or Twitter accounts can ensure that your website will become a success.

Connect With Your Customers Like Never Before

Social media lets companies and websites connect with their individual customers and followers like never before. When someone likes your page or follows you on Twitter, you get to put a face and a name to one of the many otherwise anonymous customers. Try listening to what your customers have to say and get them personally involved in interacting with your site. This type of personal interaction will make a big impression on anyone who is interested in you or your business.

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