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Daily Headlines publishes high-quality thought provoking ideas and concepts of the technical world. Our key focus is to encourage lateral thinking and out-of-the-box solutions in the field of technology. Our authors and readers have made this blog the foremost online platform for detailed technical discussions and analysis. With growing impetus on innovations and knowledge-based solutions, it is imperative to encourage the sharing of new ideas and the exploration of new vistas in the expanding horizon of modern technology.

Whether it is news about the latest gadgets, operating systems, social media or just about anything in the tech domain, you can post your views and reviews here.

We are inviting writers / bloggers to write for us in exchange for a backlink to their blog or website. We are constantly looking for new bloggers and authors to tackle the upcoming technology and add a new perspective to how we look at the world around us.

Here are simiple rule that you need to follow for every blog:-

  1. Each write up should be of minimum 500 words.
  2. Do ensure that the post is original and isn’t re-written from any other blog or website. We are looking for well-argued thought provoking blogs on the latest improvements in the technological front.
  3. Remember that every post sent by you will be evaluated by our editors to ascertain that supreme quality content is published on the site. Attractive titles along with illustrations in GIF or JPG format are always encouraged.
  4. The article should not comprise of any affiliate links. The post would have a Facebook, twitter, as well as Google plus link. You can share the blog via these social media to gain popularity.
  5. Though we primarily deal with finance, technology and so on, if your area of interest is say, wireless communication, feel free to get in touch with us and get your thoughts and ideas published ! We love discovering and nurturing new writers and sharing intelligent views and criticism.
  6. Only 1 link is allowed from author bio or from last line of article.

Tell us a bit about yourself and send in a piece of your work! The team at toggletime.net is waiting to hear from you!

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