Guest Post Method – Ways to Get Selected

Guest Blogging at this time is at a boom and every blogger want to guest post for paid website to make name and fame and also get a back link to their blog or website.

Today I am going to release all your worry on where to submit your article and is it free. Many site provide guest posting on their blog or paid website. Take advantage of this and submit your best articles.

are you guest blogger

Why do you need to write a Guest Post?

Many blog owner and writer have this question in mind that why do they need to write a guest post when they are doing well on their own blog. The main reason to write a guest post is to make relationship with other blogger and derive traffic from their site. Making guest post helps you to maintain a decent amount of traffic for referral site on which you guest post.

One more profit from guest post is your writing practice. Experiment on your guest post always try new and affective ways to impress the readers again I will say

“Write for Readers not for Google”

But one more thing if you have been hired by a website for a long-term then write as what they require doing this will get your article more importance to them and will get Published.

How to Write a Guest Post?

Writing a guest post is not a children play. It take time and most important is your strength of english grammar. Writing a good guest post increases it chances to be selected. So what are the key points to remembers when you write a guest post. Here are some basic need of every website/blog who allow guest post

  1. The Article must be original

Owners always need original and unique articles for their blog that is not available on other website. Writing a 100% unique article is surly be selected by the owner

  1. Write only on the Topic

Writing on the main topic is always needed. Lets say a person want SEO related articles so you have to be writing only SEO related not blogging related articles for him.

  1. Length Of the Article

It’s obvious that small articles are not needed any more any thing less that 500 words is not considered by many. So write always more than 500 words. If your article contain all the required points in say 250 words it will also be in consideration.

  1. What can you include in your Article

Well , website owner does not want to spam their articles with link to many sites. But they allow one link in Author Bio (Social Media Link) and one To your website link this will get you a back-link to your site and improve your chances for Alexa Ranking. Read more about Alexa Ranking here:-

At Last few words

“Write a Good Article with All the Above included and your Article will be selected”

Now its over to you start write for us. Hope we can see yo soon

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