Finding The Right Corporate Intranet Solution

corporate intranetIf only it was easier to run a business without technology, then we wouldn’t need to have a corporate intranet system. However, this is not the case; we need technology and an intranet that provides just what our business requires is crucial to our success.

Corporate intranet is a system that provides exclusive access to information within the business. It utilizes the same underlying principles of a website, but is only accessible to the authorized members of the organization through a local area network (LAN) or over the internet. It can be viewed from any mobile computing devices or desktops using a web browser. To protect sensitive content, passwords are required to enter the system. The intranet can be set up to provide custom services relevant to the operations of the company. To find the right intranet solution for your business, here are some tips:

Assess your needs

The intranet has to provide the right solution to the needs of your company. To ensure that this happens, you must identify the services and capabilities that you need to complete tasks, manage projects and store data securely, among others. As a solution, the intranet must be able to meet your company’s needs.

Ease of Use

For the intranet to become a place where all employees turn to when they need to complete a task or communicate with others, it must be very easy to use. Using familiar protocols and design used in successful websites, you can ensure that most employees will feel comfortable when they use the system while doing their work. When a system is easy to use, it can easily become integrated into the daily work life of your employees and thus, get the most out of it.

Universal Interface

A corporate intranet must use a common universal browser interface to ensure that it can be opened in any computer device. With a diverse group of employees using different computing devices, such as laptops, desktops, android phones and tablets, it is important that the system can be accessed from any device to ensure productivity.


The intranet must follow a set of standards across all devices and applications so that users are able to understand the system entirely. It gives users the confidence that they know how to use the intranet even without intensive training. The company, in turn, saves on training costs as well as avoids the costs of restoring damaged or lost files due to mistakes.


In general, a corporate intranet is a cost-effective solution to issues faced by many businesses today. It helps to close the gap between employees who work in different locations as well as enhance productivity and increase efficiency without incurring huge expenses. To find the right solution specific to your company, ensure that the set up costs are within your budget and appropriate to the size of your business.