Facebook teams up with VivaConnect to debut an ad unit

Facebook has partnered VivaConnect to launch ‘Missed Call’ ad unit business in India.  The new ad unit from Facebook is aimed specifically at helping advertisers reach their consumers in developing markets.
VivaConnect is a mobile media company that develops and delivers mobile initiatives and experiences for Brands, Television Networks and Enterprises to create an added business impact. Facebook’s foray into the ad unit comes at a time when around 66 per cent Indians access Facebook on mobile devices of feature phone segment and a whopping 95 per cent of India’s mobile subscriber base has a pre-paid connection.
“Consumer behavior in high-growth markets is changing very rapidly and we are poised to respond to that as quickly as possible. We see brands delivering useful and entertaining content like sports scores, news, or celebrity messages that people find valuable enough to take the time to listen to and interact with. There is also a good tie-in for direct response advertisers who can use the missed call unit as lead generation, where a person is essentially raising their hand and expressing interest in a good or service,”
said Facebook product marketing manager for emerging markets Maxine Schlein.
When a person sees an ad on Facebook they can place a ‘missed …