7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Running a Facebook Prize Drawing

FacebookPrizeDrawingOne of the best ways to obtain more Facebook fans is to give them an incentive to click that like button, in other words sponsor a prize drawing through your fan page.

First you have to develop your promotion. Here are some things that you should ask yourself:

What is the prize drawing about?

Pick a theme that would interest your audience. Bonus points if it directly relates to one of your products, that way the connection between the promotion and your company is obvious.

What elements will your promotion have?

  • Voting – Have participants submit a vote in order to enter
  • Instant win – Have participants can enter into an instant win game by providing their email address or clicking a button.
  • Survey submission – Have participants fill out a survey as an entry form for the giveaway.

What are you giving away?

This question is almost synonymous to “how big do you want this promotion to be?” The value of prizes (and what the prizes are) determines the outcome of your prize drawing.

  • You should also keep in mind that:
    • The prize(s) should be relevant to the theme of your promotion.
    • The prize(s) should be something that your audience would want.

Who is eligible?

Establish who is eligible to enter the drawing. Some popular categories include location, age, gender, and social networking affiliations.

  • How long will the drawing run? – Pick a timeframe that is appropriate with the task involved. The more complex the task, the longer you want to give participants. Also, keep in mind the lifespan of marketing efforts you have in place.
  • Are there any restrictions to Facebook Promotions? – Yes, Facebook has some rules and guidelines concerning using the site to run promotions, make sure to read through before launching yours.
  • How will you run the promotion? – There are many free applications that you can embed into your page, such as ShortStack or Raffelcopter. These applications provide customizable forms and monitoring for you to run a successful promotion and track results.
  • How are you going to promote your promotion? Some practices for spreading awareness of your promotion include:
    • Press release distribution
    • Listing your promotion on giveaway and contest sites, such as SlickDeals
    • Ask bloggers in the relevant industry to help you spread the word.

And there you go, after finalizing the main aspects of your promotion and straightening out the kinks, you are ready to launch!

About the Author

Soha Jameel is a social media intern for PaperCraft, Inc., a nationwide provider of branding, printing, and corporate paper supplies for small businesses and corporations.