Characteristics Of Different Types Of Tanks Used In World Of Tanks


All those players who have interest in playing World of tanks know that there are five types of tanks or vehicles used in it. These are as follows:

  1. Light tanks
  2. Medium tanks
  3. Heavy Tanks
  4. Tank Destroyers (TD)
  5. Self-Propelled Guns (SPG)

Most of the tanks used in this game have 360 degree turret which have the capability to go over all directions in spite of the direction of hull. But the two tanks i.e. tank destroyers and SPG’s possess restricted fields of fire.  However one of the SPG i.e. Su-26 doesn’t have this limitation as it is the only SPG that have turret. Now we will tell you the characteristics of each of the tank used in World of Players.

Characteristic of Light Tanks

  • They are most often used as Scouts and they are very fast. However with weak armor they are very fragile and can be killed or destroyed easily
  • Players select the Light tanks in order to quickly know the starting location of enemy so that they can spot for the friendly artillery.
  • Since these tanks have topped-out speeds, they can quickly turn and change their positions.
  • They are difficult to identify, even at the time of their movement.

Characteristics of Medium Tanks

  • Medium tanks differ in their jobs. They are strongly armored and have large guns as compared to Light Tanks. However they are slow in speed.
  • They are used to oppose the Light Tanks of enemy.
  • They provide strength to the friendly heavy armored tanks.
  • If the medium tanks is faster in speed that mean they have small guns, while the tanks equipped with large guns will be slow and strongly armored.

Characteristic of Heavy Tanks

  •  Heavy Tanks as the name suggest are heavily armored and equipped with large guns.
  • They are usually responsible to take the most damage. However their acceleration is slow because of armor weight.
  • Heavy Tanks are considered as the source of power of the team.

Characteristic of Tank Destroyers

  • These tanks consist of largest guns as compared to tanks.
  • They are usually considered as the sniper of the team.
  • The vision range of these tanks is very long and thus they have the capability to find out those enemies that are out of sight on the map.
  • They are heavily armored from their front. However, their rear and sides are weakly armored. 
  • They can find out the good spots of hiding and thus their chances of survival become more.

Characteristics of Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs)

  • SPGs have longest vision range among all other tanks used in World of Tanks.
  • They have the ability to reach all over the map in order to pull out all the territories of their enemies.
  • Along with Tank Destroyer these tanks include some of the most powerful guns. However some of the SPGs along with light tanks have weakest armor.

The design of all the tanks used in this game based on the historical designs of tanks. Currently there are six nations of tanks in World of tanks. These are: German, Soviet, American, British, French and Chinese. However other nations of tanks like Italian, Japanese etc are also planned to include in World of Tanks by War gaming.

About Author:

Since Matthew Anton is playing World of Tanks from last few years, he has good knowledge of different kinds of tanks used in this game. He has written many articles on it in order to help people in playing World of Tanks.