Transform Blog Posts to Rake in Profit

Transform Blog Posts to Rake in ProfitBlogging is one of the best content marketing strategies online companies are starting to pick up. Before, these companies do not understand how contents can effectively resonate in readers decision making. They argue that blogs do not target specific market, which is intuitive in improving sales.

Eventually they understood its benefits. Contents are shared and read by people, which lead to website traffic. Good contents make brand recall strong. So as more and more people rely on the internet for information, eventually these contents turn into sales.

Now, blogs and other sales marketing efforts increased. Independent market research company, eMarketer, reports that 74% of small businesses increased their content writing strategies in 2013.

How can blogs attract readers and increase conversion value? These tips can help you do it:

 All Readers are Potential Buyers

Treat every web traffic as an opportunity to sell. You should aim on keeping each of these readers glued to your website, reading contents, which might lead them to buy. Keep everything easy to access, organized and reader-friendly. You should also:

  • Use Attractive Titles– Titles act as baits. If readers don’t like it, they won’t take it. Blog titles should be interesting enough for people to check the whole write-up. Actually, there are many ways to write a good title. There are titles that bank on people’s curiosity and others hit human emotions. There are what-if and act-or-else types of titles, as well. Be unique to attract people’s attention.
  • Keep People Reading– Online readers have short attention span so don’t let them get bored to minimize bounce rate. Make your articles short, with subheadings and bullets, because it makes reading easy.
  • Add Interesting Images– Images are good way to hook visitors to read. Pictures are visually appealing and gives people an idea on what the article is about. Images are also great way to cut monotony in articles, so readers don’t get bored fast.

Get Personal to Sound Human

Be personal to make your article sound human. This way readers can easily relate to your topic. Remember, you are writing for the readers and not for yourself. Use personal words like “you” and “your” because this focus the attention to the readers and not to you. Everyone hates people who only talk about themselves. This is why getting conversational and personal is effective to make people feel that you are writing to help them, not just to sell.

Expertise Convey Authority

Show expertise and knowledge in writing your blogs because it helps people know that you are an authority on the topic. Readers want to read articles that can help them solve their problems, make them believe, your service or product can do it for them. According to Andy Malsen, writer of Write to Sell, you have to enumerate the benefit of your product or service, instead of focusing on the features. This makes audience favor your company.

Choose The Right Words

The words you choose in writing has a great effect in people’s decision making. There is power in words and this drives people to act. There are two types of words in writing sales pitch: powerful and weak words. Examples of weak words are: cost-effective, upgrade, reliable. These words do not the spice to make people excited. Examples of powerful words are: cheap, best and safe. These words catch people attention and curiosity.

Add Call to Action

Call-to-action encourages people to buy. When writing call-to-action, never make people second guess on what you want them to do. Instead of using suggestive sentences like “you can visit our online shop,” use a clearer and direct commands like, “visit our online shop.”

Creativity is a Weak Spot

If you are writing a novel, a fiction or a short story, then by all means, be creative. But remember creativity is not effective in blog sales conversion. Too much creativity will sway you away from your goal to sell. Malsen said that if people read your blog and find them getting amused or entertained, then you have to revise your work. A sales blog does not have to be boring, but remember that your goal is to make people buy not entertained.

These are great ways to boost your sales through blogging and content marketing. But high blog conversion rate is only effective if you are spontaneous in updating your blog site. Remember, blogs do not give instant effect. It takes time, effort, and consistency before it becomes successful.

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