Benefits Of Using An Online Test Generator

Online Test GeneratorUsing an online test generator has numerous advantages with the number one advantage being that it saves time.  When utilized, both technical and non-technical examiners can apply the application of test taking to whole new levels. Every online test generator is different but the main features stay the same across the board. Questions can be automatically generated from an uploaded document, making the creation of questions easy on the examiner.  The software scans the document for the most pertinent information and extracts that information into questions.  This method allows the examiner to develop tests in a matter of minutes, versus hours.

Another feature that is widely available is the grading system.  Instead of an examiner grading each paper by hand, the system grades the test and provides instant results in different formats. Online test generators allow for customization across the platform.  Examiners can choose how the test is laid out, how the grading system works and even how the students interact with the test. Students who have taken online tests have reported that they feel less apprehensive about the test taking and feel more connected overall to the content.  One of the reasons they feel this way is because students today are more technology driven then the students of yesterday.

When you give students an online platform to connect with, you are connecting with them on their level.  Students know and understand online platforms better than most adults understand it; online tests take that knowledge and skill that they have and incorporate E-Learning, giving the students a better platform that connects and one which relates to them.

Pros to Online Test Generators

Automatic grading – Grades and progress results are immediately available for viewing.

Recycling of test materials – Tests can be reformatted and recycled for numerous classes across the platform.  The same test can be used more than once, in different years.   Questions can be quickly reformatted and changed and new material added or old material deleted.

Online data storage – Many schools worry about tests and answers being made available to the students before the actual test.  Online tests take away that risk and store the tests in an encrypted online storage area.  Testing scores are also stored in a secure location.

Feedback to the students – In years past, students who did not perform well on a test would see red marks all over their papers; which can be discouraging.  With online tests, students can receive real time feedback in a less threatening manner.

Customized computer-based adaptive testing – Test questions can go harder or easier, depending on a students response, making the testing structure and process completely different for not only the student, but the teacher as well.  

Answer analyzing data – Teachers can customize how the tests generate scores and analyze not only how well a student performed on the test, but how they performed during the test.  Often times, these results are immediately available and can be viewed in text format, charts and graphs or even real time.

Environmental benefits – Online tests create a large reduction in paper usage.  Rather than hundreds of papers ending up in the trash, online tests generate zero waste.

Online test generators have a lot of benefits and are an essential tool for E-Learning applications Like ProProfs .But they can also be utilized in regular classroom settings.  With more schools adopting an E-Learning attitude, teachers and students both can benefit from online tests.  

Sameer Bhatia is founder & CEO of which is a leading provider of online learning tools for building, testing, and applying knowledge, Sameer has a background in technology with a Masters in Computer Science from USC (University Of Southern California) and is an ed-tech industry veteran. You can find Sameer on Google+.