A Beginners Guide To The Android

androidEveryone seems to have a smartphone nowadays and the rise of the android in recent times has been dramatic and doesn’t look like slowing down. People were crying out for a different option to the iPhone and thus Google created the android platform to rival Apples operating system. Because it is open source, any company can use it on their phone and my god they did.

So many different phones are powered by android and thus the variety on the market now is incredible compared to what it once was. We live in the internet age and so people must have efficient access on the move and these phones provide that. This article will focus on the android and highlight three key features that have helped with the meteoric rise in the past few years. People just want variety and value for money and the android offers that, they come in all shapes and sizes and specifications. I am not saying there is a problem with the iPhone, they are quite brilliant but the android offers something a little bit different.


One of the biggest appeals of an android device is the way they look. I understand that the term “android” is because of the Google created operating system but if you put all androids in one bracket, they look pretty similar. These phones pretty much have to be touch screen nowadays and rectangular in appearance, I believe this is an area that will develop in the future but at the money it is pretty much the only style out there.

They are extremely futuristic in appearance and this appeals to many users who don’t really have any idea about what the internal specification. You will be surprised about how many people pick their phone based on the way it looks, it’s a good job that these phones are pretty good internally and externally. The market is completely saturated and there are so many different types of phone out there, this is primarily because the platform is open source and any phone company can use it to run their device. This idea from Google is pretty much genius and just reflects their forward thinking strategy.


Another big android appeal is the cost, they are cheaper to buy outright compared to their main competitor the iPhone and most of the devices are cheaper per month. Obviously there are some higher end versions and they cost the same as the iPhone but for many an android represents a cheaper phone option that still has all of the main features of the other market option.


I have briefly touched upon this point so I won’t dwell on it too much. The variety you get with android is vast and wide ranging, there are many android development companies out there that work tirelessly creating new software and new phone designs. For many, the android is representative of what a smartphone should be and the iPhone is just a more expensive version for those with a loyalty to apple.

Andrew is an author with a love for money. He studied economics at university and worked at a city bank for several years. He decided to take a step back and now enjoys writing and traveling the world.