Apple iPhone SE, 6 & 6S Now Available At Rs. 999 per month Under Corporate Leasing Plan

We all were expecting Apple iPhone SE to be a budget iPhone priced under Rs. 30,000, but when Apple launched it with a price tag of Rs. 39,000 then all hopes were dashed to the ground. Apple was widely criticized for being too outrageous for its pricing policies, which in my opinion is nothing new.

Now in order to catch up with the lost sales momentum that it lost due to its poor pricing decision, Apple has announced iPhone leasing plan for corporate users. With this plan corporates would be able to lease the latest iPhones starting at Rs. 999/month.

Rs. 999 p.m. Leasing Plan for iPhone SE, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6s

According to the reports, corporate users would be able to buy iPhone SE (16 GB), iPhone 6 (16 GB), and iPhone 6s (16 GB) by paying Rs. 999/month, 1,199/month, and Rs. 1,399/month for 2 years.

This translates to Rs. 23,976 for iPhone SE when bought under the corporate plan.

iphone-lease-plans-indiaSource: Techpp

Apple has not yet revealed who will be classified as corporate customers. Is it the individuals working at corporates or corporate houses ordering iPhone in bulk? It is also not clear whether the corporate users would have to pay any down-payment for taking the iPhones on a 2 year lease programme. Hopefully, Apple will clear the air on these doubts very soon.

iPhone SE is targeted at those who either want the goodness of iPhones in a small form-factor or can’t shell out a fortune for trying the iOS ecosystem. Whatever be the case, this corporate leasing plan aims to offer iPhones at a very affordable monthly price just like what it offers in partnership with telecom operators in the western countries.

Also the users enrolled in this corporate plan can easily switch between different iPhone models by paying the difference in the amount at any given point of time.

Now, this can either be a huge success or just another failure of a marketing plan of a big MNC depending upon Apple’s T&Cs for this corporate plan. This corporate plan would maintain its appeal if Apple allows individual salaried people to buy it without any down payment. I would certainly ditch my Android phone and go try the iPhone 6s. Would you?

I was joking. I know for sure that Apple won’t make its iPhone so affordable in India. It will introduce something or the other to dissuade the masses from trying out the iPhones. What do you think?

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