Top 5 Antivirus for Your Android Phone

Antiviruses-Android-PhonesSecurity on your Android phone never used to be a problem until hackers realized it was the most well used operating system on the market and suddenly they moved away from hacking Windows and moved right on to the Android. Do you need security on your mobile? Not really if you do not store sensitive information on there, but considering that modern users store everything on there from their secret passwords to their mother’s bra size then it seems a wise move to get a bit of security involved. Lets see top 5 antivirus for android phone.

1 – Avast!

This one seems to be at the top of all lists you may find online, so why break the online trend. Best not to break the status quo incase online nerds become so frustrated that their acne pops without the need for the usual awkward finger tussle that greasy skin is so used to.

Should you buy Avast?

Well you could do a lot worse. It excels in the fact that it is extensive, which is another way of saying it has a lot of stuff you can use, and when you consider the fact that there are security apps out there that are charging money for half the features, then a free Avast app is just what the dermatologist ordered.

2 – Zoner Antivirus

This is an app that appears to have more functions than a rich housewife with too much time on her hands. There is a free version but it is about as much use feeding a carrot to a ravenous bunch of wolves. The paid version has the best stuff, and frankly it feels as if you are getting your money’s worth because there are lots of things to play with. It also has a nice looking part where it tells you your vulnerabilities.

Should I buy Zoner Antivirus?

If you are going to go for it, then go for the paid version. It does offer protection, and it can be fun going through the functions and sending secure messages like James Bond would when calling sexy hotlines.

3 – Norton Security antivirus

Norton are the pinnacle of advertising whores (excuse the expression), but if you have ever had their program on your PC then you will know that they cannot wait to remind you of their existence. If you were to count all times that it pops up in some way during the day, then you really need to get out more, suffice it to say that they are shameless self promoters.

Should I buy Norton Security antivirus?

Yes, they are crazy when it comes to promotion, but the money they make means they can hire more programmers and researchers so you do get a good service. It is not as highly rated online as other security programs, but the reasons people give are often unfair. Has it not occurred to people that maybe they do not have viruses on their Android because Norton is stopping them get a foothold on the device?

4 – Kaspersky Mobile Security

Number four could well have been McAfee, but they would have appeared at point number six if this list went on past five. The reason is because Kaspersky Mobile Security and BitDefender seem to do what McAfee does but for less money, and even though this list is not based on “better for cheaper” you have to ask yourself if you are really willing to pay $30 for fries when you can get them for $15.

Should I buy Kaspersky Mobile Security?

You could do a lot worse. It has plenty of features and every now and again some grateful company gives it another award (or rating), so it is well worth spending a little money on.

5 – BitDefender mobile security

If you had a virus on your computer back in the old days when it happened all the time, then you may have a problem with BitDefender because it is the rag tag security program that supposed experts told you to try in order to fix your problem, only for you to load it onto a flash drive and discover you would have been better off pushing a stick of butter into your PC.

Should you buy BitDefender?

Despite its ineptitude on PCs, it may be worth a go on your mobile. The fact is that the complexities of an Android compare not to the complexities of a PC and its seems that BitDefender have embraced this to make a half decent security app. Current positive reviews appear to be ringing true so at least for the moment you can trust this app.

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