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The world of blogging isn’t just about being able to express yourself creatively. Millions of blogs go unread by all but the person’s close family and friends. Don’t let your blog join this unenviable group. By gathering information on your SEO, you can make your blog more visible and more likely to bring in a crowd. These are just a few of the SEO tools you can use to get started on marketing yourself.

Take a Pre-Audit

Discover what’s working and what isn’t with an SEO pre-audit. If your SEO knowledge is limited, submit your website to a tool like Test Grader or Woorank. You’ll receive a clear and concise report about what’s working and what isn’t. Even if you don’t fully understand what they’re talking about, it gives you a point to research on as the status of every section has either a red or green symbol next to it.

Follow Positioning

Positioning is an all important part of SEO. SEO Soft is one of the best free software options available right now. Configure it by entering your site’s URL and choosing a number of keywords. It instantly tells you the ranking of each keyword. The only downside is it seems to struggle with longer keywords and phrases. It also offers a curved chart to analyse your potential positions with.

You will struggle with your antivirus program. For some unknown reason, it considers it a piece of malicious software. Access your program’s control panel and enter this program into its White List.

Another option for free software is the online program Positeo.

Analysing Your Traffic

Bloggers must analyse who’s reading their blogs and how much time they’re spending on the website. Google Analytics is the number one program for checking your traffic. It’s a number of simple things it tracks, but you can also customise it to check the more advanced ones.

It’s linkable with Adsense and Adwords accounts. Use it to track your bounce rates, unique visitors, pages visited, and the number of people coming to your site. You can even check where they’re coming from.


Backlinks refer to those links you put on other people’s websites which link to your blog. There are few options for quality software which tracks the effectiveness of backlinks. The best free tool, according to most professionals, is Ahref. It gives you free information about the quality of your backlinks.

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Unfortunately, the free version of Ahref only allows you a maximum of five queries per day.

As a compromise, you can use Google’s Webmaster Tools. It isn’t as in-depth as needed, but it shows you which links visitors are using to visit your blog.

Additional SEO Tools for Bloggers

There are a number of free analysis tools which are worth a look. There are very few differences between them and it’s usually down to a matter of personal preference. Here are these free analysis tools:

  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Analyzebacklinks.com
  • Backlinkwatch.com
  • Linkdiagnosis
  • Google Webmaster Tools

The detailed information required by professional SEO companies must always come from paid software. If you’re using your blog for affiliate marketing purposes, the added knowledge you gain could make the software pay for itself. Since most paid software options are subscription based, there’s no harm in trying some out.

Is Content Spinning Worth It?

Using content spinning to create new content for either your website or another blog has always sparked controversy between people. Generally, it just switches words with synonyms. With a little extra editing, you can make a completely unique blog post.

Google have stamped down heavily on duplicate content over the years. Usually, the time it takes to make a completely unique copy of your blog post isn’t worth the hassle. Plus, it’s pointless to take the risk of being caught. If you’re caught using duplicate content, your blog could get de-indexed from the Google search engine rankings.

However, if you want to try a spinner just to see what it’s like Sp1n Me is one of the best spinners currently available. It takes lots of practice to get right, though.

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